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What A Pane! Your Options For A Broken Window

After replacing your old aluminum windows and investing in new energy-efficient windows, having one break is not what you expect. Unfortunately, it does happen. Whether it is the effects of fluctuating temperatures, a storm or plain and simple human error, it can happen. When it does, many people wonder if they can just replace the glass instead of the whole window. There are several variables to the answer, here’s why.

If only the pane of glass is cracked, then it can be removed and replaced with another piece of the same type of glass. The installers will clean the frame, install the new glass piece and then apply the seal, caulking or weather-stripping to ensure it is draft-free. This option is much less expensive than replacing the entire window.  If your windows have been recently installed, they may still be under warranty, so contact the company that installed them or the manufacturer directly.

On other occasions, you may not be able to replace only the glass. For instance, when the window’s seal fails and there is condensation within the space between the panes of glass, the entire window will need to be replaced. If you have wood windows and the frame becomes compromised by severe decay or rot, the entire window will need replacement. A small amount of decay or rot can be repaired, but in extreme cases, total replacement is mandatory for proper function. You may also need to replace the window if you have noticed that the muntins, or munions, which divide a window are broken.

If you have not yet updated your windows and they are older than 15 years or are made of lower quality materials, you may want to consider replacing rather than repairing. Technology in energy efficiency has come a long way and older or inferior products will not provide you the same money-saving benefits. If saving money on your utility bill isn’t enough of an incentive to update your windows, consider the advancements in security, construction and protection against UV lighting for your carpets and furniture!

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