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The Most Common Questions About Vinyl Siding Answered

You may have been noticing some wear and tear to your siding. Perhaps the paint is flaking off or it has become warped over the years. If your home still has it’s original wood siding, it is time to consider replacing it with new vinyl siding. Not all homeowners are aware of the benefits of this great product or have questions. We would love to help you answer them all so you can see for yourself if it is the right option for your home. Here are a few of the most common questions we see.

Q: What exactly is vinyl siding?

A: Vinyl siding became a popular aluminum siding replacement option back in the 1950s and is now the most popular siding choice today. There are two layers to vinyl siding, the capstock and the substrate and are made primarily of resin and polyvinyl chloride. The top layer, the capstock, is made of titanium dioxide which protects against damage from UV lights and holds the color you see on your home. The second layer, the substrate, contains limestone to help keep the cost low and make manufacturing easier. With all the different textures, details, and color choices available, you are sure to find one that will either match your home’s current appearance or even find something new.

Q: Is vinyl siding expensive?

A: Any home improvement project is going to be a financial investment however, for brand new siding, it is the most affordable option available. The total cost to have it installed is lower, because it can go up quickly and requires no painting. With the increase in value to your home, many homeowners see a recoup of about 80% of the remodel cost!

Q: How durable and weather resistant is vinyl siding?

A: Vinyl siding is built to last! It is highly resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations and can hold up against winds as high as 110 mph! That’s why you will see warranties range from 20 to 40 years. Some warranties are even lifetime warranties which can even be transferred! The thickness of the vinyl siding as well as the manufacturer will often determine how long the warranty will be.

Q: How much maintenance does it require?

A: Put your paintbrush away for good! Vinyl siding never requires painting touch-ups or repainting. It actually requires little to no maintenance other than a good annual or biannual washing to keep it looking fresh. If damage to the vinyl siding is noticed, contact your installer for repair or replacement.

We hope these help answer a few of your questions. If you are looking to replace the siding on your Columbia, MD home to new vinyl siding, give us a call today at 1-800-673-3034.