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The Importance of Roof Insulation

Insulation is a vital part of the entire roof system. It is designed to keep both the heat of summer and the frigid cold of winter from making its way into your home, racking up that heating/cooling bill. An insulation’s R-value measures the amount of resistance it takes for heat to travel through the insulation. The higher the R-Value means better performance. Heat is just energy and will always move toward the cooler areas. During winter, the heat will move outside, driving up your heating bill, but in summer, the heat wants to come in, which drives up your AC usage.

When your attic is properly ventilated, it will only vary a few degrees from the outside temperature. The first step to achieve this is to equip your attic with insulation between the ceiling joists and should include a vapor retarder against the ceiling to avoid the movement of water vapors. For the best results, this would be placed over the bottom of all the ceiling joists before the drywall was installed.

Your home’s attic floor should also have an insulation layer that is gap-free to really give your home protection from heat gain and loss. Under this insulation should be another vapor retardant layer, next to the ceiling, to stop the ability for moisture to rise into the attic.

If your home has soffit vents, it is important to keep the insulation that is between the ceiling joists about a foot away from the connection of the roof and the wall so air can still move freely.

The right insulation and ventilation are important to protect your home, your shingles, and your energy bill from the temperature highs and lows of Howard County, MD. Our knowledgeable team of roofers will inspect your attic and roof, explain your options and help you select the best insulation, ventilation, and roofing system for your home or business. Give us a call today at 1-800-673-3034 For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimate or visit our website