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The Beauty of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a very popular option in many American homes. With the sleek design and low-profile frames, they are a great choice for the more modern style homes. If your home has more classic architecture, embellishments of decorative glass or muntins can work nicely with sliding windows while still keeping with the overall aesthetics.

Compared to hung sash windows, sliding windows are a far more functional window, requiring less effort to operate since they open horizontally rather than vertically. They can also be easily adjusted to allow the perfect amount of ventilation as they glide nearly effortlessly within the window frame. Sliding windows need fewer moving parts, like anchors and pullies, which enables them to make a more tight fit close. Energy efficiency is not a concern with sliding windows because of this tighter fitting close. These sliding windows are a great low-maintenance, cost-effective option for your Columbia, MD home.

The frames of most sliding windows are made of durable vinyl and insulated with polyurethane foam for added thermal performance. Far outperforming aluminum or wood-framed windows. As with most energy-efficient windows, they come standard with a low-emission glaze, are filled with inert gas, utilize a heavy-duty spacer system, and dual weather stripping to ensure a tight, draft-free seal, all of which further extends their energy saving to your home!

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