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Solve Common Small Bathroom Problems

Small bathrooms can feel restricting, and its frustrating when you don’t even have room to hang a towel. Follow these tips to take full advantage of the space and turn your tiny bathroom into an oasis.

  1. Tiny Space

If you can barely find the space for a toilet, sink, and cabinet, keep everything off the ground and you will expand the sense of floor space. A floating toilet and sink will be a big help. Visually elongate the floor even further by choosing a tile, or luxury vinyl, with bold lines that will draw the eye the full length of the room.

  1. No Space for a Separate Shower

Finding room for both a shower and a tub is ideal, but not always possible. With recent advances in waterproofing and high-performance glass, designers are turning to the wet-room-and-bath combo to meet practical and aesthetic demands. Of course, you can always combine the bath and shower. It may not feel as glamorous, but if you use a frameless glass door, it can still look contemporary.

  1. No Storage

Take advantage of under-utilized space. Try areas like behind the toilet, which is ideal for shelves or even a bathroom cabinet. If you don’t use your tub, convert it to a mini tub and turn the extra space into shelving.