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Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc. is your siding repair and replacement expert in Maryland!

If you are tired of scraping and painting your home every few years? Is your aluminum siding dented or pulling away from the wall?  Is your vinyl siding starting to look faded because it is builders grade?  Horizons Unlimited can help you save time and money by wrapping your home in premium vinyl siding, a material that is not only low maintenance, but provides additional energy-saving insulation for your walls.

Vinyl siding is a cost effective way to protect your home from the elements, reduce home energy usage, and enjoy a relaxing, carefree life. Horizons Unlimited, Inc. is an experienced Maryland siding contractor, installing top quality siding with superior performance and warranties.

9 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding from Horizons Unlimited, Inc.

  •   Easy to clean
  •   Never requires scraping and painting
  •   4x insulation value
  •   Seals out dust and dirt
  •   Cuts outside noise by 45%
  •   Resists mold, mildew, insects
  •   Enhances the beauty and value of your home
  •   Better insulation value of your home
  • 5 year labor warranty – we stand behind our work!

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Vinyl Siding Advantages from Horizons Unlimited in Maryland

When properly manufactured and expertly installed by Horizons Unlimited, Inc.’s siding installation experts, vinyl siding will deliver significant advantages for your home.

  • Structural Integrity – Top quality siding provides a protective shell for your home
  • Energy Efficiency – Vinyl siding and insulation board increases your home’s R-value, an important measure of the insulating capacity of any material.
  • Moisture Management – Properly installed and vented, vinyl siding allows moisture to escape, letting your home’s wall breathe
  • Air & Noise Barrier – Vinyl siding prevent air infiltration that can rob your home’s energy, and serves as a significant barrier to external noise
  • Appearance – Vinyl siding, trim metal & soffit, which comes in a multitude of color combinations, will make your house look beautiful and can raise the value of your home.

Professional Siding Installation in Maryland

Our siding installation crews have extensive experience and are trained to help ensure that your home’s siding is installed expertly. No detail is left out. Corners, window and door frames, soffits, eaves — every aspect of the job is executed with precision.  We stand behind our siding installation with a 5 year labor warranty.

We Provide Siding Inspections & Siding Estimates throughout Maryland

Siding replacement can sometimes require that the existing siding be removed prior to installation of the new product.  This is always the case when aluminum siding or older vinyl siding is being upgraded.  Old wood siding and asbestos shingle siding can be covered and serve as additional insulation.  A water barrier should always be installed prior to hanging the new siding.  This can include a simple house wrap such as Tyvek, or foam insulation which is more commonly used in siding replacement projects.  Permeable (breathable) foam insulation products can be used as an underlayment to prevent moisture from getting into exterior and interior walls and also serve as an insulator. Depending on the thickness, house wraps and foam insulation can add to the R-Value of the wall therefore increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

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Expert Siding help in all aspects of the project in Maryland

Horizons Unlimited will help you wade through the endless options of siding choices, proper insulation, and repair questions.  We will help design and pick new siding, including materials and options for upgraded warranties.  You can have your home completely re-sided or you can have just a few loose or missing pieces repaired. Siding doesn’t usually last a lifetime and most builders do not use a high grade siding during the initial building process. That is why new modernized technology has given Horizons Unlimited the ability to design and install a new siding system that can last a lifetime.

Insulation is very important and helps ensure that your energy bills are not astronomic.  Horizons Unlimited will ensure that you get the correct new siding system including insulation board.  From ” insulation to a 1” thick board, the amount of insulation is completely up to you.

Our Siding Department Offers These Detailed Services

  • Siding Repairs
  • New Siding Installation
  • Tear Offs
  • Gutter and Downspout
  • Gutter Guard
  • New Soffit
  • Shutters
  • Custom Metal
  • PVC Railings
  • PVC Posts
  • Insulation Board
  • Metal and Copper Bay Window Roofing

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Why Maryland Homeowners Should Hire Us For Their Siding Needs:

Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc. is the Maryland siding contractor you can trust to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and valuable!

We’re ready to do the same for your home. Because Service, Quality, and Satisfaction is our ultimate goal!!

Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc. provides a full range of siding services, including Siding repair, Siding replacement, New Soffit, Custom bent fascia metal, custom cladding on windows and doors, gutter guard and complete seamless gutter systems.  The owner of the company, Bill Gmeinwieser, has over 30 years of siding experience and will be the one that visits your home to examine your siding needs. Our focus is on improving the integrity of your entire siding system to help ensure complete protection from the weather encountered in Maryland. No other Maryland siding contractor can offer the siding services and quality that we supply.

We also offer energy saving, energy-efficient windows, roofing, carpentry services (including wood replacement, PVC and wood decks), basements, additions, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, and New Homes.

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