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Roofing Shingles: What Are The Options?

Considering a new roof? One question most property owners think of when replacing their roof is, what type of roof should we get? You may want to make a similar replacement or choose to go with a completely different style to change up the look of your property. We’ve put together some roofing shingle options that will perform great here in Howard County, MD.

Types of  shinggeles

  • ASPHALT SHINGLES are the most affordable and most popular because there is such a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from. This type of shingle can only be used on steep slope roofs.
  • THREE-TAB SHINGLES are inexpensive and thin yet they, just like asphalt shingle roofs, they have a 20-30 year warranty. They are called 3 tab shingles because of the cutouts along the bottom edge. These will offer nice variety and texture.
  • ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES are not recommended for low-slope roofs, they do not have the cutouts like 3-Tab shingles, but they are made with extra asphalt and are waterproof!
  • METAL ROOFS are a great option even if your roof is steep or flat. It is long lasting and durable. As with any roofing material, repairs for things such as loose nails or curled seams, holes and leaks may need to be made over time.
  • SLATE SHINGLES are incredibly durable and come with a lifespan of approximately 100 years! They are ideal for our strong winters here since they resist water and frigid temps very well. With this extreme durability comes a hefty price tag since they are quite difficult to install. You will also need to have your home inspected by a roofing contractor to see if your home can support the weight of these shingles.
  • WOOD OR CEDAR SHINGLES are environmentally friendly and durable, lasting up to 30-50 years. They are more complex to repair, requiring additional measures to protect them from insects, like termites, and when repaired, will often need replacement shingles rather than just having simple repairs made.
  • CONCRETE AND CLAY TILES are beautifully stylish. Sure to enhance the look of any home but they are one of the more expensive options available. They also are quite heavy and not all homes can withstand the weight of them so it is best to have a professional roofer inspect your home.

If you still need help deciding which product is the best option for your roof replacement, give Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc. a call today at 1-800-673-3034. We’ll help you through your process of selecting the best option for your home.