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We are your roofing experts in Elkridge, MD. Proper attic insulation helps with your home’s energy efficiency. This can help lower heating costs. Since heat rises, the heat that your furnace gives during the winter will be lost if you do not have a properly insulated attic. This can increase your cost of heating your home during the winter. Here at Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, we understand the importance of your attic insulation.

Today we are going to cover the different choices you have when insulating your attic. As you will see, there are quite a few choices in materials that you have.

Fiberglass – this is most commonly used in walls and ceilings throughout your home. It is not usually used in attics of homes that are in extreme temperatures. If this type of insulation is exposed to extreme heat, it is possible that it can melt.

Cellulose – this is a cheaper alternative to fiberglass. This is a better choice for attics in extreme temperatures and also works well in wet/damp environments.

Mineral wool – this has good fire-retardant capabilities.

Once you decide on the type of material is best for your needs, now you must decide what type of insulation to choose. Here is a list of the two most common types:

Loose-fill insulation – this is a mixture of all of the three materials listed above. This is sprayed into the attic using special equipment. It is usually sprayed onto the attic floor and walls.

Roll insulation – this is usually made of fiberglass materials. This is just your regular roll of insulation that you are more than likely already familiar with, and have seen at a home-improvement store.

So those are just a few tips and ideas to remember when you are looking to add (or replace) insulation in your attic. At Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, we offer free estimates, and our team of experts can help you with any of your roofing or insulation needs.