Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements

Remodeling Projects that Add Value

If you’re thinking about selling your house or just want to turn it into your dream home, there are a lot of remodeling ideas you might be considering. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to do a project that adds the most value to your home. Consider these for an investment that makes an impact:

  • Utilize Wasted Space

Transform a plain wall into a storage and display showcase by adding stacks of open shelves or cutting out the drywall to create a recessed niche.

  • Refinish Your Wood Floors

Before you replace them, consider refurbishing them, which will make them look like new! If they’re too worn or stained, you might need to replace them. Which is still a worthy investment.

  • Add a fireplace

It instantly adds ambiance and warmth! Make sure the mantle is classic and stylish. If you need to do a gas fireplace, make sure the logs are as realistic-looking as possible.

  • Install New Lighting

This quick fix can be a huge facelift for a home. New lights over the kitchen counters, in reading corners, or in a powder room make your home more inviting.


Give us a call if you’re ready to remodel and we’ll come by with a quote!