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Our Team

Hi, My name is William L. Gmeinwieser Sr., owner and president of Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc. I have been in the construction field since 1978. While in high school in the early seventies I worked for my dad and grandfather who owned a painting/construction company. I learned early on the meaning of doing things “right”. My dad would always stress the importance of doing a job right the first time. Quality and Excellence is what my company is all about. We strive to make our customer’s happy 100% all of the time. 

I have hand picked and trained individuals whom I both trust and respect. We feel that the work we will perform on your home would be no less than we would do on our own home. Since there isn’t any kind of kind of remodeling or home construction that Horizon’s can’t do, please give us a call and we will do our best to serve your needs. If you feel or need to call me at the office, you can ask for me personally.


Bill Gmeinwieser Sr.

The team at Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements is here to serve you.
Calvin Ball awards Special Recognition to Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements.
Special Recognition Award for 30 Years of Excellent Service in Howard County by County Executive Calvin Ball.
Donna, Debbie, Bill and Mike of Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements.