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Our Guide To Your Spring Roof Maintenance

With spring on the horizon, now is a great time to have your semi-annual roof inspection performed by a professional roofer. Over the winter months, your roof takes the brunt of the seasonal deluge of snow, ice, rain, and hail. All of this can cause damage to your roof that you may not even be aware of. Taking the time to have your roof inspected for missing or lose fitting shingles, clogged gutters or other issues on your roof can save you money and the frustration of a small issue becoming a BIG one.

Property owners can take the first step in preventing major roof issues by performing their own inspection of their property several times a year such as walking the perimeter of the property, especially after strong winds or storms to look for missing or damaged shingles that may be hanging from the roof, or laying on the ground. If you see any shingles, call your roofer right away to replace them.

If you are able, checking your attic can also help you spot any potential issues for your roof and help conserve energy. Poor attic ventilation or cracks can significantly increase your monthly energy bill, as much as 1/3rd! If you see any water stains, bulging ceilings, or smell a musty, mildew smell, these are strong indications of a leak and should be inspected and repaired by a roofing professional.

Keeping your gutters free of leaf debris can go along way in preventing damage to your foundation, landscape, siding, roof, and fascia boards. When gutters are filled with debris, they can not move the water properly to the downspouts, resulting in standing water that can seep and warp the fascia board, leak down your siding, into your roof, cause ice dams in the winter, and eventually cause leaks into your property. It is important to clean your gutters several times a year or invest in clog-free gutters.

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