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Hurricane Sandy Storm Damage Repair Maryland

The threat of your home and/or property suffering from Hurricane Sandy storm damage isn’t gone yet. For one, not properly preparing for a storm may cause significant damage to your home—and the damage can vary based on the type of storm that’s approaching your residential area.


Home repair from a storm can be performed by yourself or a home repair company, provided you review the damage your home or property received during the weather event. You can determine what storm damage you have by first figuring out what type of storm damaged your home and/or property.


There are several types of storms that will undoubtedly result a home or property needing storm damage repair. As an example, here are a few:



These storms can produce damaging weather like lightning, flooding, hail, straight-line winds and tornadoes. Hail, wind and flooding can produce the most damage to a property in a thunderstorm.



Tornadoes are wind storms that can amass severely high winds that can reach an excess of 300 MPH. Tropical storms are storm systems that develop in tropical environments, characterized by low pressure systems and high speed swirling winds. Hurricanes are the highest classified tropical cyclone, producing severely damaging winds and heavy rainfall. Many of these storms can dump torrents of rain into a residential area, and most notably, propel debris and damage properties due to the severely high winds.



Blizzards that produce heavy amounts of snowfall, high winds and freezing temperatures can cause damage to a residential area. It’s the combination of those three factors that produces dangerous conditions, that can cause the exterior and interior of a property to deteriorate, which can include roof collapses.



The result of a combination of both heavy rain and water that rises faster than storm drains can handle is flooding. The most violent bursts of rain during a storm can pour torrents of water into a residential area, causing properties to flood. Flooding can damage both exteriors and interiors of a property, perhaps the most common source of storm repair damage each year.


Storms, like Hurricane Sandy, can come and go as quickly as they are detected, though it doesn’t stop us from being surprised when one hits our area.


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