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How to Protect Your Roof in Summer

You know winter can a toll on your roof – but what about summer? Heat, summer storms, and other potential damage can all wreak havoc on your roof. Protect it with these tips!

Sun damage

Look out for sings of a sun-damaged roof. The best thing to look for is warped, faded, chipped, or obvious signs of deformity to your roof and siding materials. These signs might not be obvious, so it’s a good idea to have regular roof inspections before and after the heaviest weather season if you’re not sure what to look for.

You can invest in a coating for your roof to reflect the rays off it. Try to select a coating that has a high emissivity and reflectivity rate. This coating type will help to draw the heat of the sun away from the structure and reduce the overall surface temperature.

Water Damage

The heat of summer isn’t exempt from rain! A sun damaged roof is especially susceptible to leaks from rain, so get it inspected and fix problems as soon as you discover them.

Summer Storms

Severe weather in the summer could cause instant damage to your roof and home. Try these tips to protect yourself:

  • If you have loose branches or tall trees near your home, make sure they are sturdy enough so they can’t be used as a projectile.
  • Gutters and drains should be free of all debris and correctly installed. This allows your roof to shed away water, and the longer water sits on a roof, the worse the damage can be.
  • Check the skylights or domes for any cracks or other damage.
  • High winds can push objects and cause damage as well. If you have equipment, toys, or debris piled on your property, make sure they are stored away properly or removed so the wind can’t get to them.