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How to Achieve a Bright and Airy Bathroom Remodel

When you’re looking for bathroom remodel ideas or looking to create a retreat within your home to escape to and recharge, it is best to keep everything light and bright. Let’s start with clean lines and colors, throwing in a few feature statements like lighting. With bathroom remodels, you have so many choices to make, it’s easy for homeowners to get overwhelmed among all the little details. Perhaps you have a master bathroom that is cramped, dark, or outdated. We love to discover innovative solutions and use new tools –the results speak for themselves.

Here are a few tips for a bathroom remodel…

The freestanding bath

When designing your bathroom, what could be better than a freestanding bath? The luxurious look they give the space will make you think that you are in a day spa. They make the bathroom look more spacious, and there are many options to choose from. Try asking yourself: what do you need by your tub for a relaxing experience? A book, a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of wine are all great options,, be sure you have the space next to your tub to put it! With these thoughts in mind, try one out in the showroom and make sure it meets your personal needs.

Get creating – don’t cover the window 

Instead of covering a window, use stained glass to let the light in and give the room some color without making it look smaller. Blinds or shutters in a bathroom tend to attract dust and mold, while stained glass can be wiped clean. Another innovative solution is keeping the existing window but applying some privacy window film to it. With many different styles and colors on the market, you can keep the essence of privacy without sacrificing the natural light.

Need practically? Choose a fixed class shower screen

If you have a shower over a bath, pick a clear-paned, easy to clean fixed shower screen; it’s much easier to maintain and looks elegant.
If you want an immersive shower experience, choose a massive Eco Brass shower rose that will thoroughly drench you. Be aware that these do use a lot of water.

Choose the right fixtures

You don’t want to find that you have a mixture of taps and other fixtures. They all need to be the same make and color for the right effect, so choose carefully, including the towel rails. Unifying your fixture finishes gives your bathroom that modern and sleek appearance.


Any bathroom remodel should include sensational lighting. If you have an older house, think of incorporating a brass fixture pendant light. Having the ability to dim lights to add ambiance to your bathing experience goes a long way!


You must always have a fan in a bathroom, as the moisture will cause the paintwork to deteriorate and mold will grow. Consider upgrading your existing ventilation fan or installing an entirely new unit. Newer fans have a much quieter motor and are less headache-inducing than your existing may be.

Plan your bathroom remodel 

We want our client’s new bathroom to capture their vision and exceed their expectations. A bathroom remodel adds irreplaceable value to your home and gives you years of use, so make it look and feel sensational. Get started today by calling Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements (410)796-1333!