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How Much are Sunroom Additions Through Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements

So you are interested in a sunroom, and your local search of the cost of sunroom additions brought you here! You know already that a great way to extend the use of your outdoor space is by adding a sunroom to your home. Many people add sunrooms to their homes’ front, back, or side. A sunroom can be used as an indoor garden, a reading room, a breakfast room, or even a catio (a patio for your cats). So, how much are room additions? Here are some valuable tips that help you better understand what you should expect to pay for a sunroom.

How Much are Sunroom Additions?
Below are some factors that can affect the price of a sunroom addition.

Extension or new build

When estimating the price for a sunroom addition, you need to know whether you’re considering it an extension or an entirely new building. If the room is going to be an extension of your home, then you can use a similar design and materials to build it, and you will be using one wall of your home.

The more complicated your sunroom will be, the higher the cost. For example, if you will have a bathroom in this addition, that will dramatically increase the price. A simple sunroom addition may cost between $30,000-150,000. If you need plumbing, etc, this will also increase the price.

Square footage 

The first thing to consider is square footage. The more square footage you’re adding, the more expensive a sunroom addition will be. A sunroom that covers about 300 square feet may cost between $60,000-200,000. The larger the room is, the more expensive it will be.




If you are looking for many customizations, then your cost will be higher than if you were looking for few or no customizations. For example, if you plan to use your sunroom as a library and want to include built-in shelves. Or perhaps you are planning to use it as a garden and would like to build in a humidifier and have it double as a greenhouse. The more customizations that are needed, the more costly it will be to build a sunroom addition for your home.


The cost of a sunroom will depend on the type of materials used. Vinyl sunrooms would be cheaper than ones made from wood or stone materials. Building a room addition to your home will always differ in cost depending on what type of house you live in. For example, building an addition onto a pre-existing brick home would cost more than building an addition onto a wooden frame home. The type of roof is also another factor.
In addition, the size and type of windows you want will make the price spectrum wider.

How Much are Sunroom Additions? We’re here for you!
We hope this article satisfied your internet search of how much are sunroom additions. The right contractor can help you estimate and plan your budget for a room addition. Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements has been helping clients with their custom design builds since 1980. Please call us at (410) 796-1333!