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Home Improvement Projects For A New Baby

Before you bring your new bundle of joy home, you need to make sure your home is ready! In addition to putting up baby gates and covering your outlets, there are a few home improvemtn projects that will make your home safer, more efficient, and just make your life easier!

New floors

You’ll be spending a lot of time on the floor with your baby. Floors should be repaired or replaced so that there are no sharp ends or loose pieces. Try adding carpet to a livingr oom or bedroom so its more comfortable. Or, just repair an existing hard floor. The floors and carpets should also be cleaned thoroughly. A professional cleaning will insure allergens and contaminants do not harm the baby.


Your baby’s nursery is an essential room that should be completed in advance, ready for your baby’s arrival. If you already have a room, begin decluttering it and preparing the room. Painting should be done well before the baby arrives so there are no harmful fumes. You could also add a closet, built-in storage, or better lighting. If you’re not planning on moving as your child grows, now would be a great time to build on an additional bedroom or playroom for your growing family.

Laundry Room

It’s no secret babies are messy! A more organized laundry room will make your life easier. Add cabinets, a sink, and a laundry shoot to make laundry a quick project. You’ll be thankful you maximized your space.