Gutter Treatment for Fall – Herald Harbor, MD
October 2, 2015
Keeping Water from Penetrating Your Roof – Mayo, MD
October 16, 2015
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We are your roofing experts in Glen Burnie, MD.  If you live in the Glen Burnie or surrounding area and are in need of having repairs done on your home, trust the professionals here at Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements.

The fall and winter is an important time of the year for our roofs. The roof is the part of the home that keeps the elements like cold, rain, and snow out. If our roofs and gutters are full of leaves and debris, it’s simply not going to be as efficient as it should be performing. Leaves and debris collected in gutters can mean the gutters are not working properly, and this should be taken care of right away.

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We have photos of past projects that we have completed that may give you some ideas on areas that you may want to improve in your own home. Our motto is “Service, Quality and Satisfaction is our ultimate goal.” So call us today to set up a free estimate at no obligation to you.



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