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Horizons Unlimited, Inc. is a leader in siding replacement for your Ellicott City, MD home. The replacement siding installers of Horizons Unlimited, Inc., Inc. provide professional, quality siding replacement for  homeowners in Ellicott City, Maryland. When replacing siding on your home, there are several things that should be considered during the siding replacement process. Examples include choosing the right siding contractor, choosing the manufacturer of the siding product, the material that the siding is made from, the siding style and the color scheme. Siding replacement is typically a multiple day project and requires the use of scaffolding for most installations. Horizons Unlimited installers pay particular attention to placement of the seams keeping both looks and performance in mind.  The best siding consultants, like Horizons Unlimited, will explain any potential challenges up front along with the best solutions for each situation. Horizons Unlimited, Inc. your professional siding replacement contractor in Ellicott City, MD within the zip codes; 21041, 21042 and 21043 areas.

Replacement Siding Ellicott City, MD

Siding Replacement, unlike other exterior remodeling projects is as much an art rather as it is a science. Each home is unique and it requires a sharp eye and proper planning to properly install siding and in many cases special techniques are required to maintain the siding system’s integrity and appearance.  During the planning of your siding project there is a need to pay special attention to detail, including siding products, warranties, and the installer. Because of these challenges, it is very important that you choose a siding contractor that is both knowledgeable and credible.  Your home remodeling firm must demonstrate the knowledge and skills to properly install vinyl siding and accessories, based on the industry standard, ASTM D4756 (Practice for the Installation of Vinyl Siding). When you hire Horizons Unlimited, Inc., you can be confident that they know how to:

  • Correctly fasten the siding to allow for vinyl’s normal expansion and contraction properties and keep it straight and secure on the wall.
  • Properly prepare the area around doors, windows and other openings to prevent water infiltration.
  • Pay attention to the details that will give your home a beautiful appearance that will last over time.

Siding Replacement Ellicott City, Maryland

Siding replacement can sometimes require that the existing siding be removed prior to installation of the new product. This is always the case with both aluminum siding or older builder grade vinyl siding. Old wood siding and asbestos shingle siding can be covered and serve as additional insulation. A water barrier should always be installed prior to hanging the new siding. Tyvek a simple house wrap that protects against both wind and moisture and is applied to new work projects but can be used in conjunction with a foam insulation board. Permeable (breathable) foam insulation products can be used as an underlayment to prevent moisture from getting into exterior and interior walls and also serve as an insulator. The foam insulation board comes in multiple thicknesses which provide varying degrees of R-value depending on the thickness of the board (1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, etc).

Siding Replacement Solutions in Ellicott City

Let Horizons Unlimited, Inc. be your preferred siding replacement and repair solution contractor in Ellicott City, MD. No matter what style and brand of you choose for your home there is no doubt that siding replacement is a powerful way to give your exterior a complete facelift and help increase the value of your home. Furthermore, siding replacement provides great rewards and continues to provide one of the best returns on investment of all of the exterior home remodeling projects such as windows, roofing and doors. Siding replacement also provides you with the opportunity to have a major say in the overall appearance of your home, it will provide additional energy efficiency to reduce heating and cooling costs and decrease the likelihood of leaks and moisture that can cause serious damage to your home in the 21041, 21042 and 21043 areas.

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Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc. provides a full range of siding replacement services including gutter guard and complete seamless gutter systems.  The owner of the company, Bill Gmeinwieser, has over 30 years of siding experience and will be the one that visits your home to examine your Siding needs. Our focus is on improving the integrity of your entire siding system to help ensure complete protection from the weather encountered in Ellicott City, MD. No other Ellicott City, MD Siding contractor can offer the Siding services and quality that we supply.


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