A home is a place of warmth, a place of family and a place of wonderful memories. At Horizons Unlimited Home Builders, LLC, & Horizons Unlimited Home Improvements, Inc., we are a family as well and take every aspect of home construction as seriously as we would the creation of our own home. We seek out our clients’ guidance to discover what it takes to build not only a gorgeous, sturdy house, but also place you can truly call home.

For more than 13 years, Horizons Unlimited has been a staple for building quality homes in Maryland. We have developed a personalized approach that takes into account your budget and the time frame you are looking for. At Horizons Unlimited, we will explore every option that we have until we satisfy all your housing needs.

We only work with the most skilled of craftsmen in order to spare no effort in building a beautiful, sturdy and functional home. Our customers also have the opportunity to work with our subcontractors and suppliers to select brick, carpet, countertops and the other details that make the house we build the home of their dreams.

It is our obligation at Horizons Unlimited to ensure that our customers get the most of their money. That’s why we are dedicated to providing custom homes at reasonable prices. We are a value-oriented company that pledges to make the most out of your money, for your home is your most valuable asset.

There is an old saying that we try to live by and that is, “If Momma’s not happy than nobody is. So we will make Momma happy!” Horizons Unlimited builds homes for families, because that’s who we are and that’s what we do.