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Common Garage Door Problems

As most home owners know, garage doors can be extremely faulty. They won’t open, won’t close, make loud noises, and generally cause a hassle. Luckily, many common problems can easily be fixed from home. If you aren’t sure whether your problem requires professional help, read on for some advice.

Loud Noises When It Opens and Closes – Squeaking, screeching, or grinding noises can occur when there is dirt or debris in the track, or lack of lubrication. Before you rush out to call a repairman, clean the entire track to remove dirt. Use a spray-on lubricant for garage doors, or a standard solution like WD-40 on all the doors and hardware.

Door Won’t Open – If you have a remote garage opener, first, check the sensor and batteries. If this is functioning, it is likely a problem with the springs. The door may be hung unevenly, so make sure all the cables and springs are of even length. Also check to see if either spring is broken – if this is the case, call a professional service as it can be very dangerous to work with.

Door Closes Very Quickly – A falling garage door can be very dangerous to people who are opening or closing it. This problem is often caused by broken cables or overly loose springs. While the door is closed, examine the cables connecting the tension spring on the door, or a broken tension spring that counters the weight of the door. Call a professional to service the door if any springs are broken.