Budget for your Bath Remodel

No two bathroom remodelling projects are the same. There are many different variables that will play into the total cost of your project. The existing conditions of the space or the final products you choose will have a major impact on the cost of the project. There are two ways in which to budget for a project.

The first is to design to a specific budget for the bathroom remodel. First you will determine what your total budget is going to be and then base your selections on that budget.  This is a bit harder to do as color combinations may be limited but it is feasible.

The second way is to design the project and decide that “The cost is what it is”. If this is the room you’ve always been dreaming about you may want to take this approach and put the best materials and designs to work! Either way is completely up to you. It’s all a matter of what you’re most comfortable with, works within your monetary constraints, and allows you to meet your final bathroom renovation goal.

The good news is with all of the options available at Horizons Unlimited, your bathroom remodel can be a reality no matter how simple or elaborate you choose to make it.

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