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Best Counter Top Options

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, choosing the material for the countertops is an important decision. These are the best options to choose from:

Granite and Natural Stone Countertops: Each piece of natural stone is unique, so your kitchen counters will be like no other. Most granite is hard and durable — but not indestructible, as it can chip, scratch and stain. Penetrating sealers help in preserving the counter when first installed, although users will still want to exert care with oils and acids (think oil and vinegar). Oils can stain deeply and acids can etch the surface. Typically, granite is used for kitchen applications because it is harder than marble, and other stones, which are more commonly used in bathrooms.

Wood Countertops: Best used as accent pieces outside of the work area, wood can provide a wonderful texture and color contrast. There are many sources of reclaimed wood including storm damaged trees, sinker logs, old beams, old barn wood. All make stunning one-of-a-kind counters.

Recycled Glass Countertops – Recycled glass counters can be a stunning choice as they are offered in a wide variety of colors. Not only do the glass chips vary in color, the concrete base the chips are set in can also be colored. No two counters are ever exactly alike.

Solid Glass Countertops – Solid glass tops such as the one we used for the snack counter in the below project can vary in thickness; the thicker the glass the darker the color tint. Patterns can be added to glass with sandblasting or etching, and slumped glass offers tons of textural possibilities. Cleaning is with a regular glass cleaner.