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Why Is Fall A Great Time To Replace Your Roof?

If you have noticed issues with your roof recently, whether it is missing shingles, leaks or other issues, fall is the perfect time to repair or replace your roof. After the heat of summer finally begins to subside, the autumn temps are a welcome relief for our crews, but also for your roof. When a roof is replaced, the fall season delivers the optimal temperature for asphalt shingles to seal and adhere properly to your new roofing structure. Without all the heat, wind and rain that can attack your roof during the rest of the year, the clear and pleasant weather during fall allows for the thermal sealing of your shingles, creating the desired air-tight and moisture-resistant barrier to the elements.

Before the cold weather and storms of winter sets in and ice dams become a real issue for your roof, the more subdued temps of fall will allow our crew to properly prepare your roof for any repairs or for a full replacement. If your roof has more damage than can be repaired, getting the replacement completed before the winter weather adds additional strain on your roofing system is ideal. The colder air during winter can cause new shingles to become brittle and can break during installation. Most shingle manufacturers recommend working in temperatures above 26 degrees to ensure a successful installation, and fall fits perfectly with these recommended temps.

With the storms and subsequent damage to property during the winter, it becomes a very busy time for a lot of contractors. If you know your roof will not survive another Maryland winter, you should contact your professional roofer now to get on their schedule and protect your home from damage this winter. A properly installed roofing system will also help you save on your heating bill because you will not have heat escaping from holes or damage in your roof and will help your heating system operate at optimal performance.

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