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Roofing – Brooklyn Park, MD

We are your roofing experts in Brooklyn Park, MD. We offer a few different options when you decide to replace your roof; but today we are going to focus on cedar shake roofing. This is usually not the first thing on people’s minds when it’s time to replace their roof, so today we are going to cover some basics about using cedars shake roofing.

      1. Appearance – let’s face it, cedar shake roofing is just really beautiful. It kind of looks like art right on top of your home. The type of wood that is used will determine the color of the shake shingles.
      2. In an ideal environment (i.e. not humid), a cedar shake roof can last about 30 years. The wood should be regularly treated to ensure the longevity.
      3. High durability against UV light, resistance against bugs and also has high resistance from hailstorms.
      4. An environmentally friendly choice since cedar shakes are made from a natural resource on Earth. Additionally, they are biodegradable so they won’t pack up landfills.
      5. They provide excellent insulation in attics, and allows air to circulate nicely through the natural materials.

Unfortunately, with cedar shake roofing there is also the issue with fire-safety, which is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Call us today so we can talk more about the benefits with you about installing your cedar shake roof. We offer free estimates, and our team of experts can help you decide if a cedar shake roof is the best option for your house.