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How To Select The Right Shingles For Your Home

Choosing the perfect shingle color for your home is not easy. You want the color of your shingles to enhance the overall appeal of the home. After all, it is a big investment and will likely increase the value of your home, show off your own personal style, and improve the curb appeal. We understand that it can be challenging picking the right shingle color and we are here to help. It is important to research all your available options and enlist the help of a qualified roofing professional. We can help you narrow down the perfect color of shingle to complement your home and reflect your unique sense of style.

Our professional roofing team can help by providing both color and performance industry research of the high-quality shingles we install every day. This can help you discover what you personally favor in both color and style. Without the guidance of a professional roofer, you may fall in love with a specific color or style but not be aware that it does not function well for your specific home or is not available in your local area. Shingle manufacturers distribute nationwide but not all shingles perform well in all areas of the country. We can guide you through the wide array of colors and styles available for shingles in our local Howard County, MD neighborhoods. This is the benefit of working with a local company and not a nationwide chain.

Do you have a specific look in mind for your home? Are you looking for dramatic contrast or bold highlights? Do you favor more of a  natural brown, mild grey, or a variety of earthy tones? Maybe you have more of a classic taste and lean more towards colors which deliver a fresh, clean look. Shades which are more subtle, charming, and show a sophisticated look. A blend between earthy and rustic hues. No matter your preference, we can help you select the shingles that will make your home the most charming one in your neighborhood.

The experience of our certified contractor and design team will give you critical insight into the completed look of your home with your unique selections. We can also show you some real-life examples of our finished work to help you better envision your choices. Give us a call today at 800-673-3034 to schedule your no-obligation inspection and let us help you select the right roof for your home.