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How To Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking New

It’s no surprise that one of the many benefits of vinyl siding is its durability. It is a very strong material with a lifespan longer than most other siding options. Though it is very durable and requires little maintenance, it can not be neglected because it does wear over the years of abuse from our Maryland weather. To keep it looking its best, here are a few maintenance tips to follow.

Cleaning your vinyl siding should be done annually. Wash your siding with water and the specific cleaning products designed specifically for vinyl siding to prevent dirt and grime from forming. When your siding is installed, make sure your contractor informs you of the correct cleaning product to use.

Though it is very durable, vinyl siding can still crack if it sustains an impact from heavy objects or from weather-related events such as hail and debris from storms. Any cracks should be reported to your installer for inspection and replacement if necessary. It is far less expensive to replace a small section rather than waiting and having a much larger section of your siding and home affected.

Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed and away from your siding to protect it from being scratched from branches rubbing against your siding.

Not many people realize that your vinyl siding can actually melt if it is exposed to extremely high temperatures, like those of a BBQ, candles, torches, and heaters. So, make sure they are kept at a safe distance from your siding to protect it from melting and fires.

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