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Adding A Kitchen or Bathroom To Your Basement

If you are looking to add additional space for your family to relax and enjoy time together, or a state of the art entertainment venue, or perhaps the ideal retreat for your visiting guests, look no further than your basement! Creating a welcoming space for guests or a space to entertain and gather with friends and family can be achieved with a remodel to your finished basement by adding a kitchen or bath.

Things to consider when adding a basement kitchen:

You will first want to get with your ideas down on paper with your professional design team. They will help you consider things like fire exits, cooking ventilation, appliance connections for your dishwasher, etc. Another important thing to consider is the basement plumbing. The final layout will need to take into consideration all of these things, as well as the overall look and feel you are going for like the lighting fixtures, flooring materials, and appliances.

You may also consider opting for a kitchenette instead of a full-scale kitchen if you are limited on space. This will offer the most necessary amenities without swallowing up a lot of usable space.

Things to consider when adding a basement bathroom:

Plumbing has its challenges no matter where you try to install it, but below ground can have additional issues that may make it more costly to install and maintain. It’s not impossible, so don’t give up hope.

If your sewer lines are already deep enough underground for gravity to handle the disposal of waste, then you may have a very simple solution. With a call to your local public works department, they can tell you the approximate depth of the existing sewer-line at your home.

However, if it is not deep enough, other plumbing methods will need to be considered such as a sewage-ejector system which works similar to a septic tank that is enclosed in a receptacle below the toilet.

Another option is an upflushing toilet system. This can be more expensive initially but it will save you in the long run for maintenance.

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